Technical Product Management

Technical Product Management

In the course Technical Product Management based on on the Open Product Management Workflow™, which we recommend for technical product managers, product owners and all those involved in technical development, you will learn how to optimize the results of strategic product management with the help of our Requirements Assessment Scheme the requirements assessment process so that you can:

  • Create a 100% market-oriented product and save a lot of time to filter out the market and product relevant requirements, because you learn to prioritize based on facts
  • Maximize innovation for the product and minimize last-minute changes to product requirements
  • Enable your development department to estimate time more accurately
  • Improve usability and design by providing market facts about who the product users are and what their requirements are
  • Know at an early stage which features are included in the product
  • Reduce the communication effort and shorten the entire requirements process by passing on defined facts with the help of our templates

Whether your teams work according to the iterative development process such as agile or the traditional waterfall model, this proven method helps them develop innovative products and align them to market resonance.

It is recommended that you attend the course Strategic Product Management, before attending "Technical Product Management".

Didactics Flipped-Classroom, instead of teacher-centred teaching

This course is being held according to didactic method Flipped-Classroom, which means that you can learn the theory yourself before the course. During the time together in the course you will train the practical implementation and learn how to use the tools we have created for product managers by developing a product.

Download free software and textbooks

Please download for free our textbook "Technical Product Management" before the course and please read this as preparation for the training. Download textbook here

As an additional teaching aid, you can use the Product Management Dashboard for JIRA, the software for Product Managers, free of charge. The software provides you with an even simpler, step-by-step, practice-oriented traceability of the course material, as it is also based on the Open Product Management Workflow™ and contains a complete sample product. A full license for you as product manager is already included in the software, so that you can continue to use the software for your technical product management as Product Owner and daily work after learning.


Product Management Certification

Course time: 1 day
Certification: yes
Price incl. certification:
EUR 895,- net
Dates: public dates
For Inhouse please contact us.
Recommendation: before attend Strategic Product Management

Who should participate?

Everybody who is responsible for writing and prioritizing requirements, their design and development contacts, who receive requirements and work packages and work according to them.

  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Design/Usability
  • Product Architect
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Included technical product management tools

You will receive the following templates and checklists for the technical product management training:

  • Roles for effective product teams
  • Persona
  • Requirements Rating Scheme
  • Market problem table
  • Requirements Document
  • Plus further

The product management software contains all tools as masks and automatically evaluates everything for you in a few seconds.

Contents of the course
for technical Product Managers & Product Owners

The following goals are achieved through training for technical product managers & product owners:

Tasks and roles in the technical product team

In many companies, a product manager should do all the work from strategy to technology and Go-To-Market, but this often fails and often only the tasks of the technology are done.
Learn what makes the difference between a strategic product manager's role and that of a technical product manager / product owner. Learn what other tasks and possible roles there are to efficiently manufacture usable, technically innovative products and how you can optimize costs and times.

100% market-driven products & time savings when evaluating the requirements

Often there are long lists of requirements which technical product management finds difficult to evaluate and select and which require a lot of time. With the requirements evaluation scheme, which you receive and learn in the training, the evaluation and selection is almost automatic and market-oriented.

Lenz Grimmer

"I save a lot of time evaluating the product requirements since I attended the courses and use the technical product management tools I received.
Compared to other courses they are very practical and proven.
Further advantages are the clear structure how I can effectively implement the topic product management, as well as the templates and tools that help me to implement the daily work.

The training was super, really great!
Thank you proProduktmanagement!"

Lenz Grimmer
Senior Product Manager,
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Optimize design and usability for user-persona

For a high acceptance by simple usability of the product you will learn how to create and use User-Persona with the help of our templates.

Improve transfer between departments

Which information must be passed on to whom in which form, so that the effort is the least, but all necessary tasks are clear. Responsibilities are explained so that product management can focus on "what" to build and development can focus on "how" to design and build.

Prioritizing based on market influence

Requirements are objectively ranked according to the greatest influence they have on the market, which works by using market data.

Focusing enables more accurate estimation

The focus on the requirements that have the greatest influence on the market enables a more accurate estimation of development expenses.

Knowing early on what comes into the product

Product managers can start positioning and creating materials for sales when development begins because they know what requirements influence and are being built.

Economic criteria in production

The main task of the technical product manager or product owner is the economic creation of the product. Learn which criteria and key performance indicators (KPIs) you can use to check and control production.

Implementation of an universal approach

All your teams, regardless of location or method (waterfall, agile, hybrid, etc.), can use the same approach.

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