Product Management Tools

Product Management Tools

Very helpful product management tools for you are the Open Product Management Workflow™, Product Management Dashboard and the free books which are based on the Workflow. The Workflow has gathered our practical experience from numerous companies and summarized the best ideas and methods in a practice-oriented approach.

This product management workflow provides you with a proven methodology with comprehensible step-by-step instructions that you can implement immediately. Free software, free books and the free Open Product Management Workflow™ are helpful product management tools.

Open Product Management Workflow

Free Product Management Tools

Here you can download all the free tools for Product Managers:

Free Software
for Product Managers

You as one product manager can download and use the Product Management Dashboard for JIRA for free, which is based on the Open Product Management Workflow™.

"Become a professional Leader of your Product."

Free Product Management Books

In addition to the Open Product Management Workflow™ you can download the corresponding Product Management books free of charge.

"Become a professional Leader of your Product."

Free download of the Workflow

Download and print out the Open Product Management Workflow™ and use it to support your daily work. Share the Worklfow with your team!

Learn to use the Software and Tools

Product managers and the entire product team are shown what steps need to be taken in the course of a product cycle to produce an innovative and profitable product.
For each step, there are masks in the product management software, templates and tools to help you gather and evaluate the right information to make fact-based decisions. You will learn how to use the software, templates and tools in our Product Management trainings.

Share the Tools with your Team

Don't forget to share the product management tools with your team, so that everybody of your team becomes a professional leader of his product.

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Product Management Software, Product Management Courses