Product Marketing Manager Job Description Example

Product Marketing Manager Job Description Example

The following example of a job description for an experienced Product Marketing Manager assists those responsible in defining and formulating the most important information on the skills required as well as the tasks.

As a Product Marketing Manager you are primarily responsible for the increase in the profitability of our products, product launches, messaging and all sales-supporting materials of the products. You will lead the Go-to-Market Team in the creation of the product launch plan and are responsible for its successful implementation. Together with Marketing and Communication (Press department) you will create the plan for all marketing activities and the communication channels. Your objective when creating the plans is to create a high demand which eventually leads to successful deals. At the same time you will define measuring points (KPIs) for reviewing the success of the marketing measures and regularly present their evaluation.

You will work together closely with the Product Manager and be involved in strategic derivatives such as market strategies, distribution strategies, positioning and communication strategies. You will create sales documents, presentations and tools from the results and enable the sales team to use these most effectively through training them using these. In addition, you will also support the sales channels with the relevant market facts from the strategic section so that their forecast is fact-based and more accurate.
Through your experience of the market and your contact with customers and non-customers you will steadily develop and optimise the buyer types (Buyer Persona) and identify their buying criteria, channels and problems. As a specialist for the Buyer Personas, you will create Product Positioning for all defined market segments and enable the sales channels to deliver the persona-specific selling points.

As “the face of the product” externally to the customer, the press and analysts, you will support the PR department at press briefings and analyst briefings and will identify reference customers and create customer reference stories and success stories together with the customers.

Your main abilities therefore include an excellent form of communication as you will be communicating with all levels of employees at the customer and with analysts and the press. You must be able to formulate the benefits of our products in a plain and simple way which is easy to understand. You will adapt to the various contacts, identify their interests and how you can attract their attention in these channels for our products.

In the role of Product Marketing Manager you will work in a strategic way, be responsible for the selling points in the sales presentations and support Sales and sales partners occasionally with strategically important customers.

Main Responsibilities of a Product Marketing Manager:

  • Creation of the product launch plan, plan for all marketing activities and communication channels, manage and carry out the entire Go-to-Market
  • Creating the product positioning, the benefit arguments, sales arguments and sales tools for the different target groups in order to support the sales process
  • Strategic planning and management of the outward-facing activities surrounding the product, especially marketing and sales programmes to increase the demand
  • Regular evaluation of the defined KPIs, costs, as well as the derivation and implementation of controlling measures
  • Enabling the sales channels to deliver the persona-specific arguments through training and to understand the buying criteria, buying channels and the problems solved by the product
  • Regular status comparison with Sales and Marketing, as well as review of the positioning in the different target markets


  • At least 3 years of experience in the field of software, eCommerce, XYZ-technology, marketing or product management, with at least 2 years experience in a role with on-site customer contact
  • Very good communication and presentation skills
  • Business or marketing training is a big plus
  • A Product Management/Go-to-Market certification in accordance with Open Product Management Workflow™ is an advantage
  • The role of a Product Marketing Manager requires approximately 25% travel to customers, non-customers, press events and analyst events in Germany, Europe and worldwide
  • Very good team and management skills in order to be able to interact as a cross-functional team with employees, colleagues and external parties

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