Install JIRA on Windows with database

Install JIRA on Windows with database for Product Management Dashboard

The Product Management Dashboard was developed as a plugin for JIRA so that the entire product development can take place in one system and no additional costs for hardware or administration arise in the company. JIRA is developed by Atlassian and is the No. 1 development tool for teams and is extremely widespread internationally.

Technical notes & requirements

In order to get the full power for your product and product management with the Product Management Dashboard, you will need your own self-hosted JIRA, which can be purchased starting at $10 one-time payment


JIRA is a server software for the technical development department. Therefore the manufacturer Atlassian recommends the following hardware as minimum:

  • CPU: Quad core 2GHz+
  • RAM: 6GB better 8GB

Select the appropriate JIRA version (example explanation)

The company Atlassian is currently delivering new versions of JIRA in fast cycles, without us as manufacturer being informed in advance or being able to test the compatibility of the Product Management Dashboard with the latest JIRA version.
Therefore, please proceed as follows:

  1. Please check the Atlassian Marketplace to see which version of JIRA the Product Management Dashboard currently runs on. In the example version 8.0.2 of JIRA.
    Product Management Dashboard JIRA version
  2. Download the appropriate version of JIRA now.
  3. First click on "View all versions" and then select the appropriate version of JIRA in the window that opens. JIRA version selection
    select JIRA version
  4. Now click on the JIRA version supported by the Product Management Dashboard, in the example 8.0 to get version 8.0.2.
    select JIRA version

Download and install database

If you do not currently have a database installed, you can download the PostgreSQL OpenSource database free of charge, including a graphical installation program for Windows and Mac OS X, here (download database).


Once you have downloaded the database and the appropriate JIRA version, please proceed as follows:

  1. Install the database first. Simply follow the instructions of the installation program. For a local installation on your computer, you can always click on "Next" without making any further changes, except for assigning the password. At the end of the installation you will be asked if you want to install further software. This is not necessary.
    JIRA database installation
  2. Go now in your Windows menu to the point "PostgreSQL" and click afterwards on "pgAdmin".
    Postgres database installation
  3. Now your internet browser will open and you will be asked for the password you entered when installing the database.
    PostgreSQL database installation
  4. Now install JIRA. Select "Express Install" and click "Next". JIRA will now be installed.
    JIRA installation on windows
  5. After installing JIRA, the following window will appear where you can also click on "Next". Then another window/tab will open in your Internet browser.
    JIRA installation on windows
  6. Now select the item "I'll set it up myself" and click on continue.
    JIRA installation with windows
  7. Now click on "My Own Database".
    JIRA installation windows
  8. If you have installed JIRA on your local PC and have installed the PostgreSQL database with the default settings as described above, then fill in the form as follows. Enter the password for the database that was assigned during the installation of the database.
    Then click on "Test connection". If a successful connection to the database has been established, you will receive a positive response. Otherwise, please check your settings or the password.
    Click "Next" after successfully connecting the database, so that the database can be set up automatically for JIRA.
    JIRA installation for windows
  9. Now follows this mask. No changes are necessary here. Click on "Next".
    install JIRA on windows
  10. Now enter the JIRA license key you have purchased.
    JIRA license key
  11. Now the information for the administrator has to be entered.
    JIRA setting up the Administrator
  12. In the next step, you will be asked how to set up e-mail notifications. This can be configured to send mails via JIRA, which is not absolutely necessary for the function and can be configured later.
    Now the configuration of language and avatar follows.
  13. If you have never worked with JIRA before and would like to know how it works, you can create a sample project for technical development with data or create your own project.
    With the sample project you can later test the full functionality of the Product Management Dashboard, because you can transfer the data from the Product Management Dashboard Showcase, i.e. from Product Management directly to this sample project for development.

Installation Product Management Dashboard for JIRA

Now you can install the Product Management Dashboard for JIRA according to this description and immediately design and accelerate your product management work based on facts.

You can then install and configure the Product Management Dashboard AddOn for Sales, Development and Management..

Starting from the database and from JIRA

After restarting the computer you can start the database via the menu in Windows -> PostgreSQL -> pgAdmin 4.
start database

JIRA can also be started from the Windows menu.
start JIRA

Further help

If you need further help, you will find instructions for installing JIRA on the help pages of Atlassian.

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