Strategic Product Management course online-Strategic Product Management - online training incl. certification

Strategic Product Management course online

Location Online Training
Event date
02-14-2022 9:30 am
Event End Date
02-18-2022 1:00 pm
Cut off date 02-10-2022
Individual Price $1,495.00

Daily schedule

Pacific Standard Time (PST)

09:15am - 09:30am Registration and coffee
09:30am - 13:00pm Course

General and didactics

All online trainings are held in the proven Flipped Classroom Didactics. As a participant you read the textbook in your own time and pace before the course starts. In the course, individual and group exercises are used to train the application of the methods using a real-life example throughout the duration of the class. In the exercises and presentations, the participants are coached by the experienced trainers.
You will learn and work with our Product Management Tools from inserting data of your customer interviews, to setting up an Agile Business Plan™

The online course is structured in five 3h units and with time for participant questions built in at the end. Each course includes a practical exam in the end.

As an online course participant, you will receive the following for the course

  • the textbook for the course (digital)
  • all method templates (digital)
  • 12x live seminar with your trainer for 3 months ($1500 Value) - This is exclusive for online-class participants
  • internationally recognized certificates

Certifications & test

The exam for the certification according to Open Product Management Workflow will take place during the seminar, at the end of the second day. The examination takes on average 45 minutes. You will receive the results via email some time later. Those who have passed the exam will receive the certificate by mail.

With this course you will receive the following internationally recognized certificates after passing the exam

  • Strategic Product Manager - Open Product Management Workflow™

Detailed schedule

In the strategic product management part you will learn to create and present an Agile Business Plan™ based on 100% market facts from a self-guided customer interview to a PowerPoint presentation using our product management toolbox.

Day 1

  • Get clarification on product management’s roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the value of market-driven facts on product development and decision-making processes
  • Find out different customer types and their business impact
  • Learn resources and best-practice for customer interviews
  • Identify, qualify, and quantify market problems
  • Learn about buyer, user, and buyer-user personas

Day 2

  • Conduct three 1:1 Customer Interviews
  • Learn the Open Product Management Workflow™ method for impactful questions and interview lead
  • Get an action plan for your future Interviewers
  • Identify market problems based on the interviews
  • Find the top problems in the market

Day 3

  • Create a product that solves the customers’ problem
  • Define your product solution
  • Identify and create the buyer-persona
  • Understand the simplicity to create a real Buyer-Persona
  • Estimate the number of Buyer-Personas based on market data
  • Determine market potentials and market segments

Day 4

  • Create technology benefit analysis with the help of our tools
  • Define KPIs and create them in the software
  • Determine innovations with the help of the tools
  • Build, Buy or Partner decide with the support of facts
  • Derive product strategies:
    • market strategy
    • portfolio strategy
    • distribution strategy
    • pricing strategy
  • Create the product positioning
  • You work on your strategies with the help of the tools

Day 5

  • Set up the market message and the communication-strategy within the Positioning Document
  • Create a roadmap, that clarifies the strategic targets with the help of templates and tools
  • Create an Agile Business Plan™ including PowerPoint.
  • Presentation of your business plan


Comfortable and casual.


Your course fee includes a complete set of training materials and all product management tools.

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