Book Product Marketing Go-To-Market

Book Product Marketing Successful Go-To-Market

The book Product Marketing Successful Go-To-Market according to Open Product Management Workflow™ is the third textbook in our series and at the same time a textbook for the product marketing course Successful Go-To-Market.

In a successful Go-To-Market, all the energy and time spent so far on strategic and technical product development can be successfully crowned.
However, all previous efforts can simply go up in smoke, so that considerable costs for marketing and sales have to be spent again if the go-to-market is neglected.

You will learn which hurdles have to be overcome, how to plan and organize a successful Go-To-Market in a repeatable way, so that your product marketing crowns product development.

Using the product example "SelfBackup", which you already know from the book Strategic Product Management as well as from the book Technical Product Management according to Open Product Management Workflow™, you will again be shown step by step how successful planning takes place.

In the product marketing book Successful Go-To-Market you will get to know tools and aids that help you to identify the right and most efficient marketing measures.
You will also learn to coordinate marketing measures together with marketing and sales in such a way that sales revenue planning becomes more accurate and predictable, while at the same time reducing expenses.

This is why you will also learn what the best possible organisation should look like in and around product management and product marketing and how you can optimise cooperation between the departments.

You'll also learn how organizations can increase success from product management to marketing and sales, using existing resources such as manpower, time and money as effectively as possible.

You can download the book Product Marketing Successful Go-To-Market free of charge and read the meaning and the steps of a successful Go-to-Market at your leisure. As a prerequisite, we recommend that you first familiarise yourself with the basics of the book Strategic Product Management, as this is where the basics and prerequisites for the present book are created.

The product marketing textbook Successful Go-To-Market is also based on the methodology of the Open Product Management Workflow™.

Free Download Product Marketing Book Go-To-Market

  Title Author
Product Marketing Book Go-to-Market

Sucessfull Go-To-Market Book
for Open Product Management Workflow™

This is our free textbook for the Sucsessfull Go-to-Market course and serves as preparation for course participants.

Frank Lemser

Product Marketing Book Go-to-Market

Erfolgreiches Go-To-Market
according to Open Product Management Workflow™

This is the German version of our textbook for the Successful Go-To-Market course and serves as preparation for course participants.

Frank Lemser

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