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In the Successful Go-to-Market course and Product Marketing course with Software you will learn how to plan a successful product launch and marketing measures using our Product Management software
  Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA.

The entire Go-to-Market team creates together product launch and marketing plans, which are distributed and implemented in individual tasks in the   Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA.

In this way, you will make the subsequent sale as successful as possible, because:

  • You will learn to understand the customer's buying process, identify the criteria for the purchase decision and develop the buyer persona
  • The money of the marketing budget is used optimally, because you know the information channels and purchase criteria of the buyer persona
  • You can control success at any time, since you can measure the success of the product and marketing measures with the help of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Your sales department can plan the sales targets more precisely, since it receives the necessary fact-based market information from you
  • Sales can prevail more convincingly against potential competitors, since it receives the decisive information and the necessary materials

Furthermore, in the Got-to-Market course and Product Marketing course you will learn who should be involved in the product launch, what the responsibilities are and how to assess the organizational readiness for launch. You will learn to set up a repeatable process to shorten planning cycles and achieve the best possible results.

Please bring your own laptop with a functional web browser for the Go-to-Market course and Product Marketing course. You access software via web browser on our server. Product Management Software

Procedure Go-to-Market course with Software

You will learn in the Successful Go-to-Market course and product marketing course with the help of the product management software   Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA to plan a product launch, based on 100% market facts, within 1 day with the Go-to-Market team as well as to implement all necessary things with distributed tasks and to check the results.

Further you learn: 

  • Learn who all is part of the go-to-market product team and store it in the software
  • Who can take on which tasks in the go-to-market team and how can these tasks be assigned with deadlines as well as controlled?
  • The importance of the stages of purchasing and what all needs to be in place to provide the customer with everything necessary for a successful purchase.
  • Creation of an individual and repeatable product launch plan
  • Distribute product launch plan tasks and ways to review current status.
  • Plan and create marketing activities including distribution of tasks and review of the current status of implementation
  • Increase in marketing efficiency, i.e. continuously controlled and optimized use of the marketing budget in relation to the revenue generated.
  • Creation of reference customers in the Reference Customer Library and subsequent release for sales
  • Creation of demo, test, trial versions of the product and all related information for distribution
  • Support sales to sell faster for product launch
  • Ensure better forecasting of sales and related marketing activities
  • Automatic creation of the sales presentation and a presentation for sales partners as PowerPoint with 1 click using the product management software   Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA.
  • Filing of the contents of the website and their release
  • Structured filing of all information as well as marketing, sales and trade fair materials

Free teaching materials and didactics

Download free textbooks and software

Download our free Successful Go-to-Market book before the course and please read it as preparation for the training. Download free product management books

As an additional teaching aid, you can use the   Product Management Dashboard for JIRA, the software for Product Managers, free of charge for 3 month. The software provides you with an even simpler, step-by-step, practice-oriented traceability of the course material, as it is also based on the Open Product Management Workflow™ and contains a complete sample product.

Go-to-Market Book

Successful Go-to-Market Book

This is our free text book Successful Go-to-Market, which you need for the course and you can download here.

Download for free

Didactics Flipped-Classroom, instead of teacher-centred teaching

This Successful Go-to-Market course and Product Marketing course is conducted according to the dictactic method Flipped-Classroom, i.e. you can learn the theory in peace before the course itself. During the course you will train the practical implementation and learn how to use the tools we have created for product managers by developing a product.

Certificate and examinations

You can obtain a product management certificate for the Go-to-Market course and Product Marketing course with Product Management Software at the end of the last day with a written exam. You will complete the practical part of the certification in small subtasks during the entire training. After successful completion you will receive your certificate a few days later by mail.

Open Product Management Workflow™ courses

Open Product Management Workflow courses

Further contents of the Product Marketing course

Planning the product launch

Learn in a step-by-step procedure for creating a product launch plan in the Product Marketing course. You will learn in the Go-to-Market course who has to be part of the product launch team and who takes over which tasks to ensure that your product launch is maximally successful.

  • Team composition
  • Determine which tasks are to be completed
  • Creation of the product launch plan in the   Product Management Dashboard
  • Definition of the check points in the launch plan
  • Measurement and evaluation of the product launch

Roles and responsibilities

The entire product and marketing team needs a process that contributes measurably to the business and strategic goals.

  • Differentiation of the roles of product manager and product marketing
  • Relief of the product management by the role of the operation manager
  • Excellent sales support through product marketing
  • Secure and effective handover between product management, marketing and sales

Segmentation of target groups

You will gain an understanding of the decision-making and purchasing criteria of the individual buyer-persona, such as economists, technicians, specialists and users/buyers. You will learn the segmentation of your target markets from a market perspective so that your marketing and sales can act more effectively.

  • Learn in the product marketing course to create profiles of the buyer-persona including their pain points and their criteria, with the help of the   Product Management Dashboard
  • Buyer criteria and influencing measures/programs
  • Learn developing the market message in the Go-to-Market course

Development of a strategic product marketing plan with software

Successful product marketing are market-oriented activities that are brought together in a plan in the   Product Management Dashboard for JIRA for the market to support the goal of successful sales.

  • Learn to set up a budget in which you clearly sketch and measure the costs and results
  • Communicating the business case for product marketing programs
  • Support of sales targets
  • Developing the right marketing budget
  • A Strategic Approach to a Marketing Program Mix

Profits through coordination with the sales department

Enable the direct and indirect sales channels to succeed without individual active support for individual deals. You will learn how to motivate the sales force to sell new products and technologies to new buyers or segments. Learn how to create a sales presentation and a sales channel training presentation with the help of the   Product Management Dashboard for JIRA that better position your product through competitive advantage and influence purchasing decisions.

  • Answers to endless tactical questions
  • Measuring and improving the sales process and productivity in the   Product Management Dashboard
  • Optimization of web content and sales tools
  • Cooperation with the sales department to sell new products and open up new markets
Course time online 2 days (3.5 hours per day)
Certification Yes
Certification & Books $1495 + tax
Regular dates public dates
For Inhouse courses please contact us
Who should participate? Anyone responsible for planning or implementing market, sales and marketing programs, as well as those responsible for communications to Go-to-Market
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
Jana Hendel

Jana Hendel Deputy Managing Director Pharma Company

"In comparison with other training courses, the concept deals with everyday problems.
The step-by-step method explains the connections very well and offers easily implementable solutions for the work. The numerous examples in the Sucessful Go-to-Market course and the high practical experience of the trainers show that the method can be introduced quickly in the company.
Many thanks for the great training!" 

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