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Product Marketing Certification

product management certificationProduct management and product marketing on job portals increasingly list among the requirements a Product Management Certification or Product Marketing Certification that shows that you have understood working as a product manager or product marketing manager.

Therefore, we have made it as easy as possible for you to achieve this certification. The exam for your product management certification and product marketing certification will take place at the end of all courses without the need for separate registration.

Courses and Certifications


Strategic Product Management
Strategic Product Manager Certification

Strategic Product Manager

Technical Product Management
Certification Technical Product Manager

Technical Product Manager

Successful Go-To-Market
Product Marketing Certification

Product Marketing Manager

All courses include Software Certification
Product Management Dashboard Master Certification

Product Management Dashboard for JIRAProduct Management Dashboard® Master

You will receive the respective certification according to Open Product Management Workflow™ after a successful written examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be certified according to Open Product Management Workflow™?

With this certification you increase your chances on the job market, since it can serve employers as a good orientation aid in the search for qualified specialists. Certifications according to Open Product Management Workflow™ show worldwide that you have understood the content and methodology of working according to the workflow.


What does certification as a product manager and product marketing manager mean?

With the certification as product manager and product marketing manager according to Open Product Management Workflow™ you prove your expert knowledge, which was confirmed by a written examination. Each course is completed with a corresponding exam. In order to become a qualified product manager, in addition to certification, further skills and many years of product management experience are required, which cannot be replaced by participation in training courses.


How do I register for certification for product management and product marketing?

Course participants do not need to register separately, as product management certification takes place in the last hour of each course (at no additional charge) at the venue.


What are the requirements?

Participation in the course is required for the certificate examination. Experience in product management or marketing is an advantage, but not a prerequisite. You will learn everything important with the help of our free product management textbooks and practical work in the course. No other materials are required.


How can I prepare for the exam?

Everything you need to know for the exam can be found in the product management textbooks. In addition, the knowledge is consolidated in the course. Reading the books and active participation in the course are sufficient preparation for certification as a product manager.


Can I take the exam again if I have not passed it?

For a fee of  65,-$ in advance you can repeat the certification for product management and product marketing in another course at the end of the day. Here you can register.

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