Strategic Product Management Software

Strategic Product Management Software

The Strategic Product Management Software for Jira is the best strategic product management software that helps you plan your strategies. The best Strategic Product Management Software helps you to plan your strategies in an agile and sustainable way.

Strategic Product Management SoftwareProduct Management Dashboard® for JIRA

Get reliable strategies in 2 hours & make fact-based decisions

Make your business up to 50% faster and 31% more profitable & save resources and the environment at the same time

Recognize market changes immediately and react with the right strategies thanks to Agile Business Plan™

Unique! Agile strategies through automated, worldwide established methods for strategy creation

Clear tasks, helpful tools

Faster and more successful with clear tasks and easy-to-use automated tools.

Always know what to do with TaskSignalizer™

You can see at a glance whether changes have occurred and what needs to be done thanks to the visual cues of TaskSignalizer™.

Strategic Product Management Software

based on Open Product Management Workflow™

Agile Business Plan PowerPoint

Agile Business Plan™ always actual

Your strategies become agile, because in only 2 hours you receive the 100% market data based Agile Business Plan™ as PowerPoint.

Changes in the market?
The right strategies immediately!

You always know the current market problems of your customers and the corresponding market potentials, all strategies, innovations, prices, costs, market message, strategic roadmap etc.


React immediately to market changes with the right strategies thanks to Agile Business Plan™


Key to success: customer interview

You develop successful products if you know the most common problems in your market. You find these problems by interviewing customers.

The right information leads to success

You will learn what information should be asked in interviews with customers in order to be successful. Store this information with just a few clicks.

strategic product management customer interview

Successful through the right information from interviews with customers.

product management identify problems

Current market problems, the future

Your product will continue to be successful in the future if you solve current and widespread market problems of potential and evaluating customers.

Win new customers instead of overengineering

Acquire new customers by keeping an eye on and solving the most frequently mentioned market problems. In this way you avoid overengineering and save resources and the environment at the same time.


Get an overview of current market problems, your future.


Market potentials & market segments

Market potentials as well as market segments are automatically determined by the MarketCalculator™ based on your interviews, per country and industry.

Save time & decide faster with facts

Faster decisions and fewer discussions through reliable, fact-based and automatically calculated potentials and segments

Market Potentials Market Segments

Automatic fact-based market potentials and market segments per country thanks to MarketCalculator™

Roadmap Software

Strategic Roadmap™ based on facts

With just a few clicks, you can create a fact-based Strategic Roadmap™ that your management understands.

Roadmap quickly generated with a few clicks

To create the roadmap, select the market problems to be solved with a click. Enter the planned quantities and you will see the break-even.


Create Strategic Roadmaps™ incl. break-even for the management with a few clicks from market problems.


Win/Loss Analysis, control success

Control your success with the help of Win/Loss Analysis. Find out why you win or lose deals and solve frequently mentioned issues.

Improve sales materials?
New market problems? We sort tasks.

Have you found new market problems or do you need to improve sales materials? The tasks are automatically sorted for development or go-to-market team and can be transferred.

Win Loss Analyse Software

Win more customers with Win/Loss analysis and automatic task assignment.

Competitive Analysis Software

Competitive Analysis finds gaps

Find quickly the gaps and unique advantages over the competition on important issues.

Analyze topics that interest customers

Analyze topics whose answers really interest customers and clearly show the benefits.


Knowing unique added values is the prerequisite for naming them to the customer.


SWOT Analysis objective results

Make changes faster and more targeted through an objective view of the market on the strengths and weaknesses.

Derive a strategy for success

Derive on the basis of objective market facts which strategy you will use to win against the competition.

SWOT Analysis Software

Derive successful strategies objectively from market data.

Buyer persona analysis

Buyer Persona Analysis your success.

In order for you to derive the right strategies and make a successful go-to-market, buyer persona analysis is a prerequisite.

Conduct interviews. Consolidate results.

Conduct interviews with customers and have the results on decision criteria, information channels, purchasing channels as well as payment methods automatically evaluated immediately.


Knowing the decision criteria, information, purchasing channels and payment ensures your success.


Control success with KPI

Control your success in a predictable way with the help of key performance indicators (KPI) and react immediately to changes with the help of defined measures.

Create long-term success with just a few clicks

You are automatically reminded on a regular basis of currently missing values, which can be added with just a few clicks and are immediately available for evaluation.

KPI Software

Make success easily controllable with reliable measurement tools in the KPI dashboard.

Innovations software

Find innovations with InnoWizz™

Find the innovations for different markets in a few clicks with the help of InnoWizz™

Innovations are more than technology

Identify your innovations outside of technology in seconds, e.g. in communication and sales thanks to InnoWizz™.


Find innovations for different markets with just a few clicks, thanks to InnoWizz™


Strategies from facts in seconds

Decide the strategies on sales and communication in seconds based on the market facts from the interviews using the StratyWizz™.

Derive strategies, define measures

Derive your strategies and also define the corresponding measures including costs right away.

Distribution Strategy

Derive the right strategies from market facts and define measures in seconds.

Product Positioning, Market Message

Messages that customers understand

You develop a market message or product positioning that customers understand with the Positioner™.

Everything in one place.
Ready for Go-to-Market!

All market messages are instantly discoverable in one place and automatically transferred to the Go-to-Market team.


Deliver market messaging and positioning that customers understand directly to the Go-to-Market team.


Derive Price Strategy from facts

Quickly derive Price Strategy from interview market facts and all expected costs.

Contribution margin, ROI, break-even in view

You can easily vary with pricing models as well as the price and immediately find out at which price the break-even, i.e. the ROI for your product is reached.

Price strategy software

Develop prices & pricing models in a short time based on market facts, costs, ROI and contribution margin.


Strategic Product Management softwareProduct Management Dashboard® Add-On for Sales, Development & Management

Sales, Development & Management can fill the Product Management Dashboard with customer interviews and read the results of product management, if you allow it, with the help of this Add-On for the Product Management Dashboard.

Product Managers get faster
Product Managers, get faster!

Get faster as a product manager! Anyone can fill the Product Management Dashboard with customer interviews. When sales, development and management fill it themselves, you have more time for other tasks.

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Strategic Product Manager gain greater confidence
Gain greater confidence from development and management

Increase the confidence of development and management. Decide who should read all results in your Product Management Dashboard. The result for companies: less time for discussions and higher motivation for the team!

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Fewer inquiries more transparency
Fewer inquiries & more transparency

Become faster with fewer requests, as everyone can check the status of their interviews under "My market problems". The result for you is that you have more time for other tasks and are faster.

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Strategic Product Management Software - General and technical information

General and technical information about the Product Management Dashboard, the Strategic Product Management software for JIRA as a plugin:

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