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In the Technical Product Management course online / Product Owner course online with Software you will learn how to optimize the requirements process and to work in a practical and structured way as a Product Owner or Technical Product Manager.

At the same time you will learn how to enter and process the results of your practical work in the Product Management software
  Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA, which helps you to prioritize the requirements automatically for a clean backlog.

The Technical Product Management course online / Product Owner course online is held together with the course Strategic Product Management in 5 days for online courses with 3.5 hours per day.

You will learn in the Technical Product Management course online / Product Owner course online how to use the results of Strategic Product Management course with the help of our   Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA so that you can:

  • Create a 100% market-oriented, innovative product and save a up to 50% of time to filter out the market and product relevant requirements, because the prioritization is done automatically 100% market-driven, strategically and time oriented with the help of our Requirements Backlog Prioritizer™.
  • Assemble and co-lead your Technical Team so that together you can reach your goals faster
  • Maximize innovation for the product and minimize last-minute changes to product requirements
  • Transforming market problems into requirements / user stories and work packages
  • Create User Persona
  • Improve usability and design by providing market facts about who the product users are and what their requirements are
  • Know at an early stage which features are included in the product
  • Reduce the communication effort and shorten the entire requirements process by passing on defined facts with the help of   Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA

Furthermore, you will gain a general understanding of roles and responsibilities as well as of the decisive transfer of information in order to work successfully across departments.

Please bring your own laptop with a functional web browser for the Strategic Product Management and Technical Product Management course online. You access software via web browser on our server. Product Management Dashboard Showcase

Procedure Technical Product Management course online

You learn to transform the 100% market-driven prioritized market problems into requirements and hand them over to the engineering or development team.

Further you learn in the technical product management course online: 

  • You will learn who belongs to the technical product team
    and how to store this in the software
  • User-persona are developed by you and documented
    in the product management software
  • Requirements are automatically prioritized with the help of the software
  • You transform market problems into requirements
    including the corresponding work packages
  • Work packages including requirements are handed over
    to the engineers/development directly in the JIRA project
  • Project status, time and costs can be monitored at any time using the software
  • Approve your work and results as team

Free teaching materials and didactics

Download free textbooks and software

Download our free book Strategic Product Management and book Technical Product Management before the course and please read it as preparation for the training. Download free product management books

As an additional teaching aid, you can use the Product Management Dashboard for JIRA, the software for Product Managers, free of charge. The software provides you with an even simpler, step-by-step, practice-oriented traceability of the course material, as it is also based on the Open Product Management Workflow™ and contains a complete sample product.

Technical Product Management Book

Technical Product Management Book

This is our free text book Technical Product Management & Product Owner, which you need for the course.

Download for free

Didactics Flipped-Classroom, instead of teacher-centred teaching

The Technical Product Management course online / Product Owner course online is conducted according to the didactic method Flipped-Classroom, i.e. you can learn the theory in peace before the course itself. During the course you will train the practical implementation and learn how to use the tools we have created for product managers by developing a product.

Certificate and examinations

You can obtain a product management certificate for the Techncial Product Management course online / Product Owner course online with Product Management Software at the end of the last day with a written exam. You will complete the practical part of the certification in small subtasks during the entire training. After successful completion you will receive your certificate a few days later by mail.

Open Product Management Workflow™ courses

Product Management courses

Contents of the Technical Product Management course

The following objectives are achieved by the Technical Product Management course online / Product Owner course online:

Tasks and roles in the Technical Product Team

In many companies, a product manager should do all the work from strategy to technology and go-to-market, but this often fails and often only the tasks of the technology are done. Learn how the role of a strategic product manager differs from that of a technical product manager / product owner. Learn what other tasks and possible roles there are to efficiently manufacture usable, technically innovative products and how to optimize costs and times.

100% Market-driven product & time saving when evaluating requrirements

Often there are long lists of requirements which product management finds difficult to evaluate and select and which require a lot of time. With the Requirements Assessment Scheme, which you receive in the training, the assessment and selection takes place almost automatically and 100% market-oriented.

Design and usability optimization for User-Persona

For a high acceptance through easy usability of the product, you learn in the technical product management course online / product owner course online how to create and use User-Persona with the help of our templates and how to use the User-Persona in requirements.

Improve transfer between departments

Which information must be passed on to whom in which form, so that the effort is the least, but all necessary tasks are clear. Responsibilities are explained so that product management can focus on "what" to build and development can focus on "how" to design and build.

Priotizing requirements based on 100% market data

Learn how the requirements are objectively ranked automatically according to the greatest influence they have on the market. See how we use the market data from the Strategic Product Management part, so that you develop a product that solves real market problems.

Handover of prioritized requirements to the development team

Learn in the product management course online / product owner course how to transfer prioritized requirements into JIRA using the Product Management Dashboard. Learn how to create epics, tasks, subtaks and stories.

Focusing brings more accurate estimation

The focus on the requirements that have the greatest influence on the market makes it possible to estimate development expenses more accurately.

Knowing eraly on what comes into the product

Product managers can start positioning and creating materials for sales when development begins because they know what requirements influence and are built.

Course time online Strategic + Technical 5 days (3.5 hours per day)
Certification Yes
Certification & Books $1895 + tax
Regular dates public dates
For Inhouse courses please contact us
Who should participate? Everybody who is responsible for writing and prioritizing requirements, their design and development contacts, who receive requirements and work packages and work according to them.
  • Product Management
  • Product Owner
  • Technical Productmanagement
  • Development
  • Project Management
  • Design/Usability
  • Product Architect
Lenz Grimmer

Lenz Grimmer Senior Product Manager, SUSE LINUX GmbH

"I save a lot of time evaluating the product requirements since I attended the courses and use the technical product management tools I received.
Compared to other courses they are very practical and proven.
Further advantages are the clear structure how I can effectively implement the topic product management, as well as the templates and tools that help me to implement the daily work.

The training was super, really great!
Thank you proProduktmanagement!" 

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