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Backlog automatically prioritized and save weeks of time with Requirements Backlog Prioritizer™
Requirements are automatically 100% market-oriented and strategically prioritized.

Development progress, costs, time, plan and deviations at a glance in ProjectTracker™

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Increase the quality & trust of requirements and make them 100% transparent to the team

Complete tasks faster

You will complete your tasks faster with the help of specially developed tools for product owners or technical product managers.

Tools that save time & increase quality

Save many hours per week of time with tools that automate previously time-consuming tasks while increasing the quality of your results.

Product Management Software JIRA


based on Open Product Management Workflow™

Product Management Software JIRA

Requirements Backlog Prioritizer™

Save many hours of working time per week and have requirements prioritized automatically, 100% market-oriented, strategically and legally.

Legal and regulatory requirements

Mandatory requirements of customers, laws, standards etc. are taken into account. Requirements can be manually given maximum priority if required.


The fastest requirement backlog prioritization, 100% market-oriented,
strategically and legally prioritized.

Increase quality of requirements

Since you always have several customer interviews at your disposal, you can develop more precise content requirements that are better understood by the development team.

More transparency & trust in requirements

100% transparency and traceability for the entire technical-product team, by linking the interviews with customers, through the requirement to the task for development in JIRA.

Product Management Software JIRA


More precise, 100% transparent & traceable requirements based on several customer interviews

Product Management Software JIRA

Full overview ProjectTracker™

You always have an overview of development progress, costs, times, the plan and deviations.

React more quickly. Develop faster.

You develop products faster because you can react much faster to deviations from the plan, because you have an overview of everything down to individual JIRA tasks.


Develop faster. React faster to deviations from plans, times and costs.

Deliver 100% solved problems

Deliver 100% market-driven products and functionalities to customers, taking into account all dependencies and interactions.

Link dependencies with work packages

In order to guarantee customers full functionality and not to overlook any dependencies, requirements are linked to work packages.

Product Management Software JIRA


Deliver 100% functionality for customers through linked requirements
that take dependencies into account.

Product Management Software JIRA

Handover to development in JIRA

Transfer the requirements and work packages directly into the JIRA of the development.

A handover that fits for every development.

Each development project is individually structured in JIRA. Simply select the appropriate mapping strategy that fits your development.


With just a few clicks, the work packages with individual mapping strategy
are transferred to JIRA projects.

Problem solving for User-Persona

User-Persona are an important tool that explains for whom we solve problems and develop products.

User-Persona at one place for all

The entire technical product team can find all information about the user persona in one place and in seconds.

Product Management Software JIRA


User-Persona, for which we develop products, for the technical product team in one place.

Product Management Software JIRA

Manage Technical Product Team

So that you can contact your Technical Product Team at any time, keep the contact information for everyone in one place.

Faster & more effective thanks to teamwork

Develop products faster by working more effectively as a team in one place because the entire team works in the Product Owner Software or JIRA.


Manage the technical product team, develop as a team faster in one place.

Meeting minutes for the team

More transparency, centralized tracking of meeting results, through the central meeting minutes.

Find meeting information immediately

Find product meeting information in seconds in one central location.

Product Management Software JIRA


Find important information from meetings in seconds.

Product Management Software JIRA

Product release by the team

For more transparency and stronger team identification, everyone in the technical product team approves the product for their area.


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Product Owner Software - General and technical information

General and technical information about the Product Management Dashboard, the Product Owner software for JIRA, Redmine etc. as a plugin:

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