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 „The training has brought me a lot, I am convinced of the method of the Open Product Management Workflow, but I must make in any case more interviews with customers, these and further still more practice.“ This is how the participants expressed themselves again and again at the end of our trainings in the past years.

Since the product managers are drawn back into the normal working day after the training, experience shows that there is little time to practice and deepen. We have therefore considered how we can help the participants to practice even more with them in the common time of our product management courses.
The solution is the didactic method Flipped-Classroom, which makes us the first and currently the only company in the world to train product managers so effectively.

Flipped-Classroom, instead of teacher-centred teaching

Learning the theory in peace and quiet and practicing the practical implementation in the time together, instead of frontal teaching, this is the idea behind the didactics flipped classroom, according to which we teach the subject matter.

At home, they learn the theoretical basics at their own pace. You will then practice the tools of the trade for product managers in class using various methods and tasks. You will be individually supported and moved from a passive to an active role. In this way you will reach the highest level of didactics, as the learning content is optimally consolidated and you will be enabled to implement it immediately on a daily basis.

Teache centered

Flipped Classroom

Advantages for you as a participant through the didactics Flipped-Classroom

For you as a participant a product management training according to the didactics Flipped-Classroom offers the following advantages:

  • You as a trainee can learn the theory at your own pace, as you can read our textbooks well in advance because there are freely available copies.
  • In the course time you as a participant will not be "killed" by new material, but your questions will be answered and the knowledge learned in advance will be consolidated and deepened.
  • The use of the tools of the trade for product management is learnt in the time of the course.
  • The implementation of the product management activity is carried out jointly and under guidance.
  • As a participant you are immediately able to incorporate the new into your daily work, as the confidence in your own actions is strengthened
  • You save the time for time-consuming reworking.

Advantages for your company through didactics Flipped-Classroom

For your company the following advantages result from a training of the product management according to the didactics Flipped-Classroom:

  • You save time and money because you do not have to release the employees from their work and pay for their learning time to teach the theoretical material
  • You save money because you only pay for the time we work with the participants
  • With your investment, you get colleagues who have been trained theoretically and practically, who have applied their product management tools and achieved results necessary to manufacture and market successful products.
  • You immediately benefit from the changed working methods of your product managers, as your colleagues can start immediately after the courses without having to rework the teaching material.

Before the courses:

  • You can download our  textbooks and our Product Management software, which are available and accessible free of charge
  • Receive a schedule from us
  • You can learn the theory in peace, according to your own schedule
  • Make a note of the questions we will answer in the course
  • Prepare yourself on the basis of tasks and already deal with the subject matter

In the courses:

  • Questions about understanding what has been learned theoretically are answered
  • Products are developed together
  • Situations from the everyday life of product management are implemented in practical exercises
  • You learn the tools of product management and how to use them
  • Participants are supported immediately and receive direct feedback

Learning objectives for personal optimisation

For each course and for each topic there are defined learning goals, i.e. it is clearly defined what the participants should master at the end. This is the only way to determine individually for each participant where there is potential for their own optimisation.

The learning goal, which is above all else, is:
Participants will know all the steps and will be able to use the tools necessary to create a marketable product, market it and manage its success.

Peter Lemser

Peter Lemser Superior Educational Counsellor

"The most important thing for students to learn and understand what they have learned and to be able to apply it independently and permanently is well-considered didactics. From my point of view Flipped-Classroom is a modern, effective and very sustainable didactic which achieves one of the best results for the learners."

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