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Frank Lemser (founder and instructor)

Frank is the founder of proProduktmanagement and, as an instructor in the product management courses, teaches the method according to the Open Product Management Workflow ™.
He has over 20 years experience in technology, software, hardware, SaaS and services, worked as a product manager himself and led teams.

Frank studied business informatics and began his professional career at SUSE Linux GmbH as deputy head of Professional Service.
He started working as a product manager at the end of 2000, when the product management department was newly founded, and thus his later passion.

Frank Lemser


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In 2002, as Senior Product Line Manager, he led the strategic product development of the entire SUSE LINUX Server family.
Following the acquisition by Novell Inc., as Senior Product Line Manager, he was responsible for integrating the team and SUSE Linux Server products into the Novell Inc. portfolio.

Since then, Frank has developed the tools and working methods that lead to the Open Product Management Workflow ™.
Frank's experience is in demand when it comes to consulting, in companies from startups to listed companies where he simultaneously coaches and trains product managers.

With his focus on building market-focused teams, he gained the unique ability to learn the understanding and approach of management, development, marketing, sales and support. This enables him to create mutual understanding, as one client said, "Frank is the mediator, with absolute market focus between departments".

In 2013 Frank was co-founder and organizer of the ProductCamp Nuremberg. Today, the ProductCamp team and he organize ProductCamps at different locations in Germany so that product managers throughout the country can learn from each other and exchange ideas. ProductCamps are (un)conferences of product managers for product managers.

Topics you can talk to Frank about:
Children, product management trainings & software, market-oriented product development & teams, ProductCamps, technology, photography, mountainbiking, sailing, books by Hermann Hesse & cooking



Ulrike Laubner-Kelleher (USA and worldwide)

Ulrike is a passionate product manager. For more than 16 years she has been involved with innovative products and the optimization of development processes. For many years, she has managed and trained the product portfolios in international product management. She has held leading positions in product development, strategic and operational product management.

Ulrike has completed a trainer certification for adult education with the certificate SVEB 1 (Swiss Certificate Adult Education) and is responsible for the didactic methods in our product management seminars. She has developed more than 25 tasks for the training of product managers according to Open Product Management Workflow™ which teach the practical implementation of the learned in the courses.


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Her goal is to promote product management. That's why she has been a product management trainer since 2011 and now advises companies in various industries on product management.

More than 50 product launches have resulted in specialization in the early phases of the product life cycle: planning new products and a functioning process.
With her know-how in engineering and marketing, she is the ideal sparring partner in product development.

In November 2018 she published the book: Powerful communication for product managers.

Topics you can talk to Ulrike about:
Rhetoric, time management, idea management, product management, event organization, creativity, yoga and cooking



Marcus Kraft (Europe and worldwide)

Marcus is primarily a long-standing product manager, with a background as a developer and natural scientist. He has 30 years of experience in everyday work, from university to different companies and tasks in IT. During the last 20 years he has been significantly responsible for the definition, market introduction and further development of various complex products and processes in the open source software and service environment for companies of all sizes.

From development, project management, operational creation and delivery, to continuous requirement prioritization, the participants can draw on the experience that has repeatedly emerged with the various products and their life cycles. Marcus does all product management trainings.


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From natural science came the interest in technologies, the utilization by software, from complex software the project management, from it the product creation, the interaction of the different enterprise levels, from it the customer benefit, and finally the question how to create customer and successful products.
Many participants and processes have to work together to avoid wasting resources and achieve customer satisfaction.

The identification of important market problems and the derivation of requirements as well as prioritization in new product launches and further development are decisive for the market success of a product.

Topics you can talk to Marcus about:
Business models, product life cycle and product cosystems, IT infrastructures and layers, open source, travel & sailing & surfing.

Trixi Hauptmann

Trixi Hauptmann Product Manager, Haufe umantis AG

"Dear Frank,

many thanks for the great training!

I am still enthusiastic and use the materials practically all in daily business. Not everything every day, depending on the needs and phase. This gives me a standard that I can still adapt to my needs. But it is precisely the start into this tool use that is important and that motivated me a lot.

Super basis to position yourself in the product manager universe and to go in the right direction.

Meanwhile we have already conducted a lot of customer interviews to get to the bottom of the needs of our customers.

This is not easy because customers often say what they want from their daily work and you have to dig to get the actual motivation for those wishes. Then a different solution than the one suggested by the customer can be the painkiller to finally inspire the customer. That makes it extremely exciting.

Thanks again"

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