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In the Strategic Product Management course online with Software you will learn how to work in a practical and structured way as a strategic product manager.

At the same time you will learn how to enter and process the results of your practical work in the Product Management software
  Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA.

It helps you to become up to 50% faster in making decisions, more strategic and market facts based and to get clearly defined tasks in product management.
This enables the creation of the Agile Business Plan™ including PowerPoint in 2 hours and the prioritization of requirements with one mouse click (automatic backlog prioritization), thus reducing training and time to market and making you more profitable.

The Strategic Product Management course online is held together with the course Technical Product Management in 5 days for online courses with 3.5 hours per day.

In training, your work covers the areas of Strategic Product Management course online and Technical Product Management course online.

Furthermore, you will gain a general understanding of roles and responsibilities as well as of the decisive transfer of information in order to work successfully across departments.

Please bring your own laptop with a functional web browser for the Strategic Product Management course online. You access software via web browser on our server. Product Management Software

Procedure Strategic Product Management course online

In the strategic product management course online part you will learn to create and present an Agile Business Plan™ based on 100% market facts within 2 days from a self-guided customer interview to PowerPoint presentation using the product management software   Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA.

Further you learn: 

  • Conduct interviews with potential customers
    (a topic is specified from which a product is developed)
  • Identify market problems and transfer them to software
  • Identify and create buyer, user and buyer-user persona
  • Determine market potentials and market segments with the help of the software
  • Perform analyses, such as competence, competition, SWOT analyses, and transfer the results to the software
  • Create technology benefit analysis with the help of the software
  • Build, Buy or Partner decide with the support of the software
  • Determine innovations with the help of the software
  • Define KPIs and create them in the software
  • Derive all strategies with the help of the software:
    • market strategy
    • portfolio strategy
    • distribution strategy
    • positioning strategy
    • communication strategy
  • You create a roadmap, which clarifies the strategic targets with the help of software
  • Create an Agile Business Plan™ including PowerPoint with 1 click using the product management software   Product Management Dashboard® for JIRA.
  • Presentation of the business plan

Free strategic product management course materials

Download free textbooks and software

Download our free book Strategic Product Management and book Technical Product Management before the course and please read it as preparation for the training. Download free product management books

As an additional teaching aid, you can use the   Product Management Dashboard for JIRA, the software for Product Managers, free of charge. The software provides you with an even simpler, step-by-step, practice-oriented traceability of the course material, as it is also based on the Open Product Management Workflow™ and contains a complete sample product.

Strategic Product Management Book

Strategic Product Management Book

This is our free text book Strategic Product Management, which you need for the course and you can download here.

Download for free

Didactics Flipped-Classroom, instead of teacher-centred teaching

This Strategic Product Management course online is conducted according to the dictactic method Flipped-Classroom, i.e. you can learn the theory in peace before the course itself. During the course you will train the practical implementation and learn how to use the tools we have created for product managers by developing a product.

Certificate and examinations

You can obtain a product management certificate for the Strategic Product Management course online with Product Management Software at the end of the last day with a written exam. You will complete the practical part of the certification in small subtasks during the entire training. After successful completion you will receive your certificate a few days later by mail.

Open Product Management Workflow™ courses

Open Product Management Workflow courses online

Further contents of the strategic product management course

Importance of market orientation

Companies that work strategically and market-oriented are more up to 31% more profitable and 50% faster because they use existing resources more effectively, waste less resources, time and money.

You learn in the strategic product management course online:

  • The market-in-product approach
  • How and where to conduct interviews
  • Conduct interviews with market participants
  • Which information of the interviews is important for you
  • How to store the information to be able to process it further
  • Who is involved

Strategic role of product management

When companies are working it is difficult to decide where the responsibility of product management ends and another department begins. Learn to map responsibilities so that each department optimizes its contribution to the success of the product.

  • Definition of the role of the product manager
  • Determination of tasks and responsibilities
  • Learn the balance between strategic and operational/tactical tasks
  • Prioritization with the GAP-Analysis

Finding unresolved market problems

Your company is full of product experts. Your company needs market experts.

  • Learn in the strategic product management course online to discover and validate unresolved market problems
  • Research techniques for all market types
  • Effective profit and loss analysis
  • Tips and tools for documentation

Filter & prioritize possibilities

Not all possibilities are the same. Learn a proven, repeatable and unbiased method for evaluating and comparing possibilities.

  • Identify and prioritize opportunities that fit your market needs, corporate strategy and technology strengths for maximum ROI
  • Market research and market review
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Practical roadmaps

Supply of market correlations

When you have collected and analyzed all available market data, pass on the information in the form of key tools.

Learn in the strategic product management course online to use these tools, create a common understanding across the entire organization and empower sales, marketing, development and management to communicate it.

  • Product-Positioning & Market Message
  • Purchasing process
  • Case studies

Agile Business Plan™

Millions of euro and dollar product decisions are made every day, without a full understanding of the implications that this entails.

Learn in the strategic product management course online how to develop a consistent business plan and business cases in a simple two-phase process, secure the investment and obtain approvals based on well-informed decisions and without surprises.

  • Strategic orientation
  • Buy, develop or Partner?
  • Pricing
  • Profitability
  • Data consolidation with Agile Business Plan™

Risks and success factors Measurement and control with KPI‘s

One of the tasks of the product manager is to identify risks and weaknesses at an early stage in order to counteract them with suitable measures, but also to identify success factors in order to further develop them.

Learn how to define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your product and how to measure them to control the success of your product.

  • Long-term success with the help of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Define the important and correct KPI's for the product
  • Identifying risks in good time and taking countermeasures
  • Measuring and expanding success

Prerequisite for product development & Successful Go-To-Market

In this in the strategic product management course online you will gain first insights into the product planning and planning of a successful Go-To-Market.

Get to know the connections between the individual phases of product management and learn how the results of Strategic Product Management course can be used in Technical Product Management, product development and for a Successful Go-to-Market.

  • Identification of Problems, Scenarios & Persona
  • Derivation of all strategies from market information & analyses
  • Relationship: Persona -> Sales channels, communication channels, Go-To-Market
  • Relationship: Persona -> Product development
Course time online Strategic + Technical 5 days (3.5 hours per day)
Certification Yes
Certification & Books $1895 + tax
Regular dates public dates
For Inhouse courses please contact us
Who should participate? Everybody who makes decisions in development, orientation and strategy of a product, its marketing and distribution.
  • Product Management
  • Product Owner
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
René Rose

René Rose Product Manager, 1&1 Internet SE

"The clear advantage of the method over other training courses is that projects are based on facts. In particular, the explanations on the connections between the work steps offer a high benefit. Great practical relevance through examples and clear comprehensibility and comprehensibility for everyday use.
In the future, I will be able to provide decision-makers with well-founded decision documents containing market facts and trustworthy figures. The results in the strategy will enable me to better fulfil tactical tasks." 

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