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Sample Product - Product Management Dashboard Showcase

The Product Management Dashboard comes with a sample product. This sample product contains a lot of data that can be used to get to know the product management software.

You can find the sample product in the main menu Products -> All Products

Main Menue Products

In the overview you will now find the product "Product Management Dashboard Showcase". If you click directly on the product you will get to the overview with the Open Product Management Workflow.

You can change all the data about the product. To do this, go to the menu on the right of the product.

Product management software showcase menue

Using the "My Tasks" funktion

If you want to use the "My Tasks" feature with the sample product, then you need to become the Product Manager of the Product Management Dashboard Showcase.

Edit the product data.

Edit product data

Now you make yourself the product manager of the product.

make yourself product manager of the product

Now click on "My tasks". Now you can see under "Product Responsibilities & Dates" for which products you are responsible in which role.
You can find your current tasks under "My tasks and deadlines". 

If you click on a task, the corresponding tool will open immediately and you can complete the task immediately. More about the "My tasks" function

My tasks in product management software

If you want to know how to transfer the data to Jira, read the following articles:

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