Product Management online courses

Product Management online courses

As product manager, the product management online courses according to Open Product Management Workflow™ provide you with free books, the Product Management ToolBox™ with 25 Word, Excel templates and product management software as well as the diagram of the Open Product Management Workflow™ as free downloads even before the training.

With the product management online courses you have the possibility to receive your product management education consisting of the different courses Strategic Product Management, Technical Product Management and Go-to-Market completely online.

The goal is to learn the systematic and apply the new methodologies with real life examples. During your class you are coached during your learning Product Management online courses. This is learning style is called "Flipped classroom". Thousands of product managers worldwide have been trained in small groups over the last decades.

Strategic Product Management book
Strategic Product Management course

The free Strategic Product Management online course book, which you need for the course.

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Technical Product Management course book
Technical Product Management course

This is our free Technical Product Management & Product Owner course book for the course.

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Go to Market book
Go-to-Market course book

This is our free Go-to-Market online course text book, which you need for the training.

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What you do in the product management online courses

As a participant you read the textbook in your own time and pace before the course starts. In the course, individual and group exercises are used to train the application of the methods using a real-life example throughout the duration of the class. In the exercises and presentations, the participants are coached by the experienced trainers.
You will learn and work with our tools from the Product Management ToolBox™ from inserting data of your customer interviews, to setting to up an Agile Business Plan™ in 2 hours.
The product management online course is structured in 3.5 hour units and with time for participant questions built in at the end. Each course includes a practical exam in the end.

The product management online courses convey this proven methodology to you with comprehensible step-by-step instructions that you can implement immediately. More than 25 templates from our Product Management ToolBox™ and our product management software, the Product Management Dashboard for JIRA from the training help you to quickly apply what you have learned efficiently and effectively in practice. Our trainers facilitate you to implement your new methods to impact your product management day.


Certifications according to Open Product Management Workflow™ are valid worldwide and show that you have understood content and methodology of working on workflow. Each course finishes with an exam in the end.

Strategic Product Management
Strategic Product Manager Certification

Strategic Product Manager

Technical Product Management
Certification Technical Product Manager

Technical Product Manager

Successful Go-To-Market
Product Marketing Certification

Product Marketing Manager

Nasser AlSodais

“The product management online course was excellent, most in-depth and streamlined step by step approach for product management , made a big difference on our focus for new and ongoing products. Ulrike was very knowledgeable in the domain and made the course very interesting . Would recommend it to beginners and advanced product managers.”

Executive Director Of Operations at Taqnia Cyber
Saudi-Arabien BR


Product Management Certification

Type: Written examination
Price: included in training
Time: at the end of the training

For Inhouse please contact us.

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James Kelleher - Voices Product Management online course

James Kelleher

“As a new Start-up, I need a quick an easy-to-understand method to find the best product solutions. Your training has enabled me to understand in a systematic way to create a trustworthy market plan from my customer knowledge base. Your online course excelled in interaction, group work and exchange. The trainers helped me to take action from the first day. I definitely would recommend the training and the Workflow. Fantastic!”

James Kelleher, CEO, Chautauqua NY.

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Product Management courses Strategic Product Management training Technical Product Management training Successful Go-to-Market, Product marketing training

Unique advantages:

In our product management online courses, you will learn everything that technology companies need to be successful and market-oriented, from identifying market problems and personas, effectively assessing and prioritizing product requirements, to successful go-to-market strategies.

  • Free digital textbooks, a fully automated workflow based product management software for download as well as more than 25 templates from our Product Management ToolBox™ are delivered to you and can be used immediately in your company.
  • Your management can reliably plan investments because your business plan and business case are based on market facts.
  • For the guaranteed business success, the product management learns the strategic, innovative and communicative leadership for the product.
  • You will learn how to save hundreds of hours of team work time and how to hand over fact-based product requirements to development with the help of our unique Requirements Backlog Prioritizer™.
  • You support your marketing team with a market message that is understandable to the customer, with the product positioning tools that are based on market input.
  • In order to enable your sales team to sell faster and more successfully, you will learn how to develop materials and arguments for each decision-maker (Buyer-Persona) in your target group who is involved in the purchasing process.

No matter if you want to launch a product or improve an existing product, you will be helped in our product management courses.

bernd meier

"The product management online courses are practice-oriented, provide excellent, comprehensible instructions for the creation of products and include exercises that deepen the material imparted. It is obvious that the instructors know what they are talking about. Highly recommended for everyone who developes products."

Bernd Meier,
CEO Education HWK
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Unique didactics Flipped-Classroom in Product Management:

You increase your learning success in the shortest time possible, through our didactics Flipped-Classroom. Acquire the theoretical basics at home at your own pace. Afterwards, you will practice various methods and tasks in the product management training and receive individual support. Thus the learning content is consolidated and you are immediately qualified for the daily implementation.

Teacher-centred teaching
Typical: Teacher-centred teaching.
Flipped classroom
Our product management courses: Flipped classrom
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