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The product management software for Jira is the software for product management that is easy to use. The best product management software helps you become faster.

Product Management SoftwareProduct Management Dashboard® for JIRA

Make your company up to 50% faster and 31% more profitable
through 100% market-driven & strategic Product Management, Development and Marketing

Save weeks!

  • Clear tasks & responsibilities through fully automated agile Open Product Management Workflow™
  • Get in only 2 hours your strategies & Agile Business Plan™ as PowerPoint
  • Automatically prioritized requirements backlog with Requirements Backlog Prioritizer™
  • Find in seconds all product materials and info in the Product Materials Library™


Clear tasks & responsibilities

Become faster through clearly defined tasks and responsibilities for Strategic Product Management, Technical Product Management and Go-to-Market.

Fully automated agile Workflow and data-pool

Your strategies, development and marketing fully agile and 100% market-driven with the Agile Business Plan™. Fully automatically prioritized requirements backlog and all information, documents and materials for a successful Go-to-Market in one place.

Always know what to do with TaskSignalizer™

You can see at a glance whether changes have occurred and what needs to be done thanks to the visual cues of TaskSignalizer™.

Product Management Software for JIRA

based on Open Product Management Workflow™

product management software Agile

Strategic Product Management

Become market-driven, react immediately to market changes with the automatic alert system for analyses and strategies and make your strategies fully agile.

In 2 hours Agile Business Plan™ incl. PowerPoint

Get your 100% market fact based Agile Business Plan™ as PowerPoint in 2 hours, with market potentials, all strategies, prices, costs, market-message and strategic roadmap.

Strategic Roadmaps™ in seconds based on facts

With just a few clicks, you can create a fact-based Strategic Roadmap™ that your management understands.

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make your strategies agile and 100% market fact-based


Technical Product Management

Team management, User-Persona, automatically prioritized requirements, project status, time & cost overview and workpackages handover to JIRA in one place.

Requirements Backlog automatically prioritized

Save weeks and get your requirements automatically 100% market-driven and strategically prioritized with the Requirements Backlog Prioritizer™.

Full development overview ProjectTracker™

You always have an overview of development progress, costs, times, the plan and deviations.

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Technical Product Management Software time and costs

save weeks of time, get backlog automatically prioritized with Requirements Backlog Prioritizer™

Product Management software Marketing

Go-to-Market & Marketing

Create your product launch plan and marketing plans as a team in minutes. Save time and money by improving their efficiency based on 100% market data.

All marketing & sales materials in one place

Save hours of time for searching, because all marketing and sales materials can be found immediately in the Product Materials Library™.

1 click: sales & channel traings presentation

Save weeks and receive with 1 cklick your sales presentation and presentation for sales partner training.

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make your marketing success cost-efficient, planable & measurable



"Thanks to the Product Management Dashboard, we were able to bring structure into the product management of our company step by step and define the associated tasks.

We work more efficiently because the automated tools support us and all relevant product information is available in one place - at any time - bundled.

The clear guidance of the Product Management Dashboard is convincing all along the line - from market interviews to business plans to product development with just a mouse click!"

Andrea Neumeister

Andrea Neumeister

Product Management Coordinator

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"As a CEO, I need facts I can rely on one hundred percent to make confident decisions. That's why I have to be able to rely on the business plans of my product managers.

The Product Management Dashboard simply provides me with a ready-made and very well-structured business plan on the basis of which I can make quick and reliable decisions.

In addition, we have become much faster and more transparent in product development and marketing.
Finally, there is a central repository for all materials for all products, which saves the entire company a lot of time.
The tools for marketing and sales make us faster, save us a lot of money and make us more successful."

Wolfgang Schulz

Wolfgang Schulz


PDV GmbH Logo

Product Management
unique benfits:

Product Manager software

Become up to 90% faster and 100% market-oriented in product management with clear responsibilities, tasks and a unified, structured work with automated tools for strategy, technology and marketing.

  • Get in 2 hours your 100% market fact based strategies and Agile Business Plan™ as a PowerPoint incl. management summary
  • Prioritize all requirements automatically in 1 second based on strategy, customer benefit, revenue and time
  • Product management teams can work together on one or more products
  • You will find all information about the product in seconds, because everything about the product is in one place
  • Consolidation and automatic evaluation of all ideas and market information from various sources such as customers, sales, management, technology and support in one central location
  • 100% facts, less discussions because automated support for strategy derivations & creation of decision templates
  • Direct transfer of market requirements as product requirements to development in the native development JIRA
  • Overall project status at any time, from strategy to technology, through JIRA as common basis
  • Estimate the development effort and costs for development in a system & receive direct feedback

unique benefits:

CEO and Manager

Your business becomes up to 50% faster and 31% more profitable through 100% market fact based strategies, Agile Business Plans™, product development and marketing and immediate response to changing market conditions.

  • 1 click to receive compact business plan incl. management summary as PowerPoint, 100% based on market facts
  • ROI in 1.5 hours for your organization using the Product Management Dashboard (per month)
  • Avoiding bad investments and increasing corporate success through long-term strategic product planning
  • Various sources such as sales, product management, management or technology can dump ideas and market information into a funnel which automatically evaluates the information
  • Reduce meeting time, fewer discussions and faster, more confident decision-making through more market facts
  • No costs for additional server infrastructure or administration as everything runs on the project management software JIRA
  • The entire product development takes place in one system, from strategic and technical product management to production
  • Knowledge remains comprehensible for everyone in the long term, even when employees leave the company, as all knowledge is transparently documented

Product Management softwareProduct Management Dashboard® Add-On for Sales, Development & Management

Sales, Development & Management can fill the Product Management Dashboard with customer interviews and read the results of product management, if you allow it, with the help of this Add-On for the Product Management Dashboard.

Product Managers get faster
Product Managers, get faster!

Get faster as a product manager! Anyone can fill the Product Management Dashboard with customer interviews. When sales, development and management fill it themselves, you have more time for other tasks.

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Product Managers gain greater confidence
Gain greater confidence from development and management

Increase the confidence of development and management. Decide who should read all results in your Product Management Dashboard. The result for companies: less time for discussions and higher motivation for the team!

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Fewer inquiries more transparency
Fewer inquiries & more transparency

Become faster with fewer requests, as everyone can check the status of their interviews under "My market problems". The result for you is that you have more time for other tasks and are faster.

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Product Management Software - General and technical information

General and technical information about the Product Management Dashboard, the product management software for JIRA as a plugin:

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