Requirements prioritization with the Backlog Requirement Prioritizer™

Product managers - Stop gut feeling and guessing! Use the fully automated Backlog Requirement Prioritizer.

The Open Product Management Workflow™ helps customers to make 100% market-based decisions. It uses a simple calculation to generate objective requirements prioritization. It is now available in the JIRA Add-on Product Management Dashboard®.

Companies using this method profit tremendously from saving hundreds of hours on requirement prioritisation meetings. Still, there are 58% of PM saying they prioritize upon gut feeling and experience (PMF study 2019)!

What are product managers, developers and CEO and sales discussing when it comes to requirements? They discuss which of the 100x requirements shall be implemented first to bring the utmost benefit to the user and fulfill the strategic goals of the company. The elephant in the room is that there is often no transparent real customer data and discussions seem to be endless.

The objective requirements prioritization considers three facts:

  • Legal requirements
  • The type of customer
  • The amount of customers who have mentioned the problem

Upon customer interview data the requirements are automatically ranked in descending order of priority.

See how the requirements prioritization/rating works in the Product Management Dashboard:

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Download our Software Product Management Dashboard for JIRA® with a free license and experience instantly the great impact on your meetings with the fully automated Backlog Requirement Prioritizer™.

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About the author

Ulrike Laubner-Kelleher is a passionate product manager. For more than 20 years she has been involved with innovative products and the optimization of development processes. For many years, she has managed and trained the product portfolios in international product management. She has held leading positions in product development, strategic and operational product management.


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