Account based Marketing (ABM) - The shortcut to quicker sales

Account Based Marketing (ABM) - the shortcut to quicker sales

Have you heard about ABM = Account Based Marketing? It is said that ABM can close a deal 2x faster. ABM targets at actual accounts with personalized marketing messages i.e., emails or new promotions etc. The target campaigns are set up and carried out. Sales and interaction data will then be analysed to find out which campaign resonates best with the target audience. How can you take out the remaining uncertainties or even better aiming at your target audience with a relevant message from the very beginning?

Are there ways to take out the remaining uncertainties or even better aiming at your target audience with a relevant message from the very beginning? Yes.

Marketing and sales efforts should be as same efficient as when you are bringing your car to a routine service, right?

In the Open Product Management Workflow™ method product responsibles carry out interviews and find out i.e., exactly the reasons to buy, the problems and challenges, the decision criteria, the use cases, information on the buyer and their situation. It is also known if the interviewee is interested in paying for a solution. These information are available in the interviewee accounts, in the persona profile and marketing communication. Product managers take a very close look into their customers.

The following four steps are great for both speeding up the sales process and saving marketing cost.

  1. Marketing is aims specifically to market segments who have the problem.
  2. Marketing uses the knowledge about Buyer-Personas situations for marketing materials.
  3. Marketing communicates solutions and values that customers are really looking for.
  4. Sales get a leads list of potential customers who have a problem and are willing to pay for the solution (just call or email them).

If you want to learn how to attract your accounts with a targeted campaign before investing in marketing, you can read the free Go-To-Market textbook for Open Product Management Workflow™

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