Product Owner & Technical Product Manager Job Description Example

The following example of a job description for a Product Owner & Technical Product Manager assists those responsible in defining and formulating the most important information on the skills required as well as the tasks.

Your tasks as a Product Owner & Technical Product Manager include the technical further development of our existing products and the development of new products. You will work closely with your colleagues in strategic product management and be the primary point of contact within a technical product team. As a Product Owner & Technical Product Manager you will develop the requirements from the interviews and the market problems from the market participants, which you will receive from your colleagues in strategic product management. If there are any questions or queries about the market problems, you will contact the relevant market participants independently in order to create a clear understanding within the team as well as for colleagues in technical development. In order to ensure that our customers' market problems are completely solved, you are responsible for evaluating the requirements in line with the market, for prioritising them and defining the work packages so that the product fulfils 100% of the requirements of the relevant market segments instead of 80% of just anything.

Your ultimate goal as a Product Owner and Technical Product Manager is the cost-effectiveness of the product with regard to the product development. Therefore, you decide about the date of delivery, functionality and the development costs of the work packages.

Through your experience of the market, your contact with customers in the industry and your personal interest, you will develop cost-effective new products for our company using existing and newly acquired knowledge. In order to develop innovative solutions and products efficiently, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are within your remit, as is the definition of their threshold values and the measures to be taken when these threshold values have been exceeded for your product and your technical product team. You will also determine the assessment scheme together with the technical product team, according to which the requirements and work packages are 100% prioritised in line with market requirements.
The control of the estimation of costs and risks - together with development - also forms part of your duties, as does the creation of the regular status report to the Strategic Product Manager, the management and other stakeholders in our company.

Your main abilities include an excellent form of communication and great people skills, since you will be communicating with a wide range of departments in the company. You will define the product requirements based on market facts and real-life scenarios, together with your contacts from strategic product management as well as the technical product team. You will define the criteria as well as the time of final approval and communicate these to the strategic product management or the Go-to-Market team. You will be responsible for managing the quality and functionality for the defined target groups and are responsible for the final approval before a release. Both internally and externally you will be evangelical about your product or solution, i.e. you represent your product offering both internally and externally.

In the role of Product Owner or Technical Product Manager you will work in an organisational way, act commercially and, together with your colleagues from the technical product team, be responsible for a hundred percent market-oriented technical solution.

Main Responsibilities of a Product Owner:

  • Your goal is the cost-effectiveness of the product development, i.e. you decide on delivery time, functionality and development costs over the entire product life cycle
  • You are the primary point of contact for product management within the technical product team
  • Informing the technical product teams about market facts, purpose and vision for the product
  • Defining appropriate KPIs, their threshold values as well as the planning of measures which are to be initiated when threshold values are exceeded or gone below. You will update the values on a regular basis so that they lead to a more effective product development and contribute to an increase in product profitability.
  • To define a 100% market-oriented assessment scheme for requirements with the technical product team
  • To create the product requirements and user scenarios from the interviews of market participants
  • Ensure that requirements and user scenarios are technically understood by everyone and, where necessary, hold consultations with the market participants
  • Regular status comparison with the technical product team during the development process
  • You and the entire technical product team will be responsible for managing the quality and functionality for the defined target groups and are responsible for the final approval before a release
  • Give regular status reports to strategic product management, stakeholders and the management
  • You will motivate your colleagues from the technical product teams to work together to develop 100% market-oriented solutions.


  • At least 3 years of experience in the field of software, eCommerce, XYZ-technology, technical development or product management
  • Great people skills and good communication skills
  • Strong analytical, strategic and coordinating skills
  • Leadership attitude and high motivational skills so that you can also manage virtual teams
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of business and technology to assess technical feasibility. Economic sciences, engineering or technician training with additional training in business administration is a big plus
  • A Product Management certification in accordance with Open Product Management Workflow™ is an advantage
  • The role of a Product Owner or Technical Product Manager requires approximately 20% travel to customers and non-customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

We are explicitly looking for people at the beginning of their career who would like to start working in the very exciting and extensive area of product management. If you have the right attitude, you will get the unique opportunity and the possibility to learn about the practical knowledge and processes of product management in accordance with the proven methodology of Open Product Management Workflow™.

If you have several roles in product management, the definitions can be more specific. Have a look at our other example job descriptions for product management and feel free to use them in compliance with the given license.

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